Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

In modern conditions, the right combination of human and digital resources will lead to greater success and prosperity of the company.


Different economic sectors, different problems and challenges. Our experts are ready to assist companies from several economic and social sectors


Analytics & Insights

Our experts will do a lot of analytical work for successful consultations:

  • Control System analysis

  • Organizational structure analysis

  • Sales system analysis

  • Procurement system analysis

  • Marketing system analysis

  • Financial system analysis

  • Personnel management system analysis

  • Occupational Health and Safety System analysis

  • Project Management System analysis, etc.

Development & Finance

There are many situations in which you may need the help of a financial expert.
For us there are no concepts of "typical budgeting", "template solution", "standard package of services". We select each solution based on your specifics, industry specifics, goals of our joint work and your expectations of it.
Before starting work we thoroughly study the specifics of your company, study the market. We start to look at the business through your eyes.


One of the key mistakes of any business is the lack of a strategy, a clear understanding of where the company will find itself in its development in a year, five years, etc.

Strategic planning is the key to the success of any business. Mercury Consulting specialists will assess the market situation, make risk forecasts and develop a strategy for the company's development, taking into account all factors and risks.

Business Engineering

Business engineering - a science at the interface of management and technology, ensuring harmonious work of the company at all stages of activity.
Our experts have extensive experience in building an organization as a single organism. Development and optimization of all business processes is the key to financial success of each project and the whole business.

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Why Work

at Mecrury Consulting?

Mercury Consulting is aware of its responsibility to the employees who have connected their future with it and does its best to provide them with the conditions for professional and creative growth, teamwork.

We motivate people to work, not subject them to petty control and guardianship. In turn, we expect our employees to prove their professionalism and loyalty to the company.

Personal Growth

We create decent working conditions for our employees and provide them with opportunities for career growth. Our company has adopted assessment and motivation systems, which allow us to objectively judge the contribution of each employee to the common cause.

Career Development

Each employee of the company can determine his personal interest in developing his professionalism and career. Any activity of Mercury Consulting can be chosen to increase personal competence.

Key Benefit

  • Gaining interesting and varied experience

  • Professional competence development

  • Stable career growth

  • Employee social security